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What is SONIA?

SONIA (“SOciety for New Initiatives and Activities” for a Just New World) is a non profit organization (ONLUS), established in July 2002. SONIA is legally registered in Italy (Registration number 9727510584).

SONIA is a lay and multicultural organization engaged in issues related to the self-determined and sustainable development of marginalised and vulnerable groups (indigenous peoples, youth, children, women and migrants) in the global South. It tries to address the root causes of marginalisation and vulnerability and to promote the human and environmental rights and fundamental freedoms of the peoples whose rights have been denied, independently of their origin, colour, creed, gender, age and status.

Our mission is to assist in creating the conditions and providing the tools that foster self-determined and sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable groups in the global South and of migrants in Italy. SONIA empowers these groups by offering them the opportunity and the instruments to recover and regain self-respect and status, knowing that each person, given a chance, can have a multiplier effect not only for her own benefit but also for that of her family, community and society at large.

SONIA is a lean structure based exclusively on voluntary services, including that of its partners and of the groups it supports. All the funds raised by SONIA are used exclusively to finance its initiatives.

Associazione SONIA
Via Vetulonia 38A, 00183 Rome
Fiscal Code: 97271510584
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